20 Via Luigi Einaudi
Fano, PS 61030
Tel: +39 0721 855429
Fax: +39 0721 854949

FLONAL is a company that has been manufacturing aluminium non-stick cookware since 1985, and has gained wide international recognition by exporting products worldwide.
The statement of purpose of the firm is "Growth, in respect of Tradition."
In fact, the constant pursuit of excellence, and the powerful achievement of market shares, for this company, have historically been subject to the maintainement of the original characteristics that have made it competitive in the first place.
These characteristics are: high cohesiveness among employees, great attention to details, maximum committment to quality and customer service. Naturally this approach has made it possible for this firm to keep most of the original workforce along with their experience and skills, as well as practically all of its original customers.