Gardena Art

82 Str. Rumanon
Ortisei, BZ I-39046
Tel: +39 0471 797677
Fax: +39 0471 797911

Gardena Art – Enjoy 400 years of woodcarving tradition
Gardena Art is an association of woodcarvers in the famous Val Gardena area in Alto Adige/Italy. All woodcarvers of Gardena Art share one important ideal: They produce their precious wooden artworks 100% in Val Gardena. From the raw trunk to the final painting of the figurines, every step is done by the skillful artisans of the Gardena Valley.
The Gardena Art craftsmen have learned their skills from their ancestors and in the local artistic schools, where the knowledge of a 400 year old tradition is passed on from one generation to the next.
Gardena Art provides their customers with an acknowledged trademark and a certificate which guarantee the origin and authenticity of the purchased woodcarvings. The Gardena Art trademark is only given to companies who produce 100% in Val Gardena and accept production controls. Only if your wooden sculpture bears the Gardena Art trademark, you can be certain to have purchased an authentic woodcarving from this famous South Tyrolean region.